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Workshops offered by Mulberry Bush Consulting

Brand Protection Workshop

Do you work with freelancers or use ‘virtual’ services to run your business? Have you thought about how these people could affect your brand? This workshop takes you through practical steps to ensure the people you work with DON’T adversely affect your brand.

Nikki’s Brand Protection workshop is something I’d recommend to small consultancies that employ a range of freelancers, and also to micropreneurs and owners of small businesses who are looking to grow their business. The detailed approach and the hands-on exercises made it a very functional and enjoyable session, and for me, the most important takeaway was the work we did on the importance of the organisational structure in defining business roles, which has had the additional benefit for me of addressing areas where there is greater scope for outsourcing than I’d realised.

Andrew Fairweather – Director, Brand Aspect.

Business Blueprint Workshop

Do you know what Values you run your business by? Do you know what Purpose drives you and your business? What is your Mission? Are you working towards a known Vision? And do you have a Strategy to do that? This workshop takes you through practical steps to make sure you undersatnd what you want your business to be and how you can make it happen.

Difficult Conversations Workshop

You don’t have to be telling someone their world’s about to end for a conversation to be classed as ‘difficult’ If you’re avoiding a conversation, it is by definition ‘difficult’. This hands-on workshop will show you how to prepare and hold a ‘great’ difficult conversation. Don’t let a situation fester and get worse by avoiding a difficult conversation.

Interview Questions & Interview Skills Workshop

Do you struggle when you have to interview someone? Objective hiring decisions depend on the information gathered during the interview. This hands-on workshop will show you how to write a great interview question, and how to use it to find out what you need to know. The benefit to you is greater confidence to interview, resulting in great new hires who fit!

Job Description Workshop

Job descriptions are the basis for hiring the right people & setting effective goals so the people you hire do what you’re paying them to do. That’s a lot of responsibility for one document! This hands-on workshop will show you how to create great job descriptions to use to hire the right people and manage those people effectively.

Nikki’s Job Description workshop included easy to follow exercises and taught me a process we (I’ve learned I can benefit by getting my team involved) will use when we now review our job descriptions. I would recommend this workshop to business owners looking for tools to help maintain employee standards with the view to building a long-term process. This workshop helped me see how to use job descriptions to be clear and concise about what you expect from staff and how to use them as the starting point for managing performance which will improve efficiency within the workplace.

Claire Connelly – Director, Business Additions.

SMART Goals Workshop

Have you set goals for yourself, your team & your business? Are they SMART goals? A goal is more likely to be achieved if it conforms to the SMART framework. This hands-on workshop will show you what SMART is and how to make any goal SMART. The benefit to you is goals that you will achieve!

The SMART Goals workshop was brilliant. I really enjoyed the practical exercises which helped cement the process of making SMART targets and I was able to start a few for my business during the session. I would recommend this session to other business owners because it really helps to think through what should be included in a goal when you discuss it with other people. .

Ema Doherty – Owner, The Hair and Beauty Artist.

Values, Vision & Culture Workshop

To find the right people for your team you need to understand the Values, Vision and Culture of your business. Then you can identify what sort of people will fit with you and the rest of your team. In this hands-on workshop we’ll explore your values, start to develop your Vision and start to understand your culture. Once you have this, decisions about your business become much easier!

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