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Tie Team Goals To Your Business Goals

Tie Team Goals To Your Business Goals

Hopefully you have business goals, and you’ve written them down rather than carrying them round in your head. If they’re SMART goals that’s even better. When you write performance-related goals for your team, are they tied to your business goals?

People generally set performance-related goals to ensure their team do what they’re paying them to do. If you specifically tie them to your business goals you will ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction. More importantly, tell your team how their goals tie into the business goals so they understand the context of their goals. It will engage them more.

Business Goals – The Big Picture

As far as your team are concerned, your business goals are the ‘big picture’. You don’t need to tell them all the gory details, but sharing the objective behind each goal will let them understand key things about how your business operates. You live your business – all aspects of it. Don’t forget that they may only know about the bit they work on. They may not understand how everything ties together. That includes how their work impacts other parts of the business or the business overall.


Communicate your vision for the company. Share the key goals once a year in a meeting with your team. Then remind them how their goals tie to the business goals with a short reminder in each goal. Remind them what the impact of achieving this goal (or not) has on the business overall. That will really make your team feel part of the business and help them understand, that especially in a small business, what they do matters. Even an internal administrative job impacts the business overall. Accuracy and timeliness feed into other processes that ultimately affect clients, the bottom line, and the rest of the team. Including a short statement in the goal to remind the employee every time they look at the goal. If you have continual performance feedback processes in place that means they should see it frequently.

Joint Process

Pick a time each year to set your updated business goals for the upcoming year. As part of this process, set your employee performance-related goals as the next step. While your business goals are fresh in your mind, think about how they affect what your employees need to do on a daily basis. Your employees are the means by which your business goals will be delivered. Make sure you don’t set their goals as an afterthought. Don’t start with what they do on a daily basis. Take a strategic moment to think about what you need them to do and then adjust their goals so you know the team will be able to deliver the business goals with you.

My Question To You

Have you written your business goals down? Do your employee’s goals align with those goals? How do you set your employee’s goals? If this is something you would like to discuss or would like some help with, contact me at You can also buy my book Accelerate to Team Success which is available as a paperback or on Kindle.


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