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Status Check – Review Of Goals

Status Check - Review Of Goals

Olympic athletes periodically do a status check against their goals to see how they’re doing. Businesses should do the same for their goals to ensure success. Managers should also do the same for their employees to make sure they too can be successful.

Communication about goals, and progress towards achieving them, should be two-way between the manager and employee. It should happen at least once a quarter and all feedback should be specific to the goals rather than being a general chat.

Ongoing Status Check

Look for ways to review how your team are doing against their goals on an ongoing basis. This will allow you to make the status check a regular event. It will help you see if things are heading off track. If they are, you have time and opportunity to review what’s causing the problem. You can then try and work with the employee to remove any blocks to them being successful.

Ongoing Status Check

>Ongoing might include formal feedback mid-year or once a quarter in the form of a sit-down review. It might include less formal feedback provided weekly, monthly and/or quarterly, in a variety of formats. Some feedback may be initiated by you as manager, but self-assessment is a great way to get the employee talking the initiative and providing feedback to you. Be aware of what’s going on around you and provide feedback in real time for good work to reinforce good habits. Provide constructive feedback for poor work so that bad habits don’t become engrained.

No More End-Of-Year Reviews?

Recently, some companies have announced they’re not even doing end-of-year reviews any more. Those companies aren’t going to stop caring about what their staff are doing. They’re not going to stop evaluating how things are going. They are instead making the evaluation part of an ongoing cycle of regular feedback to see how things are progressing. In this scenario there is no need for an arbitrary point in time to be the point at which a meeting happens to decide if things have gone well over the last 12 months or not.

Types Of Feedback

A semi-formal review is likely to be a sit-down, one-to-one meeting where you review all the relevant goal-related items for that time period. If your work is project based, and your projects are 2-6 months in length, the end of a project is a great time to do a review. If your work is more ongoing, you might consider quarterly semi-formal reviews.

Consider informal reviews where you spend time talking about the goals specifically, maybe on the job, as and when required. Aim for at least one touch point per month just to make sure everything’s on track. Ongoing coaching should be given whenever appropriate. This is not micromanaging your team, it’s making sure you’re aware of what your employees are doing and stepping in to give coaching advice when it would be helpful.

Step In When Necessary

Keep an eye on what your team is doing. If you see something happening that looks like it might be heading off track, have a chat and find out what is going on. It may be nothing, but if they’ve misunderstood something you can guide them back on track by explaining any misunderstanding. If an external factor is impacting them, you can guide them on how to deal with whatever external change has happened.

My Question To You

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