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Induction Program – How Best To Structure It

Induction Program – How Best To Structure It

Whatever the size of you company you need an induction program of some sort. Depending on the size of your company, you may only need some check lists to make sure you’ve covered everything. If that’s the case – your checklists are your program.

More likely you’ll need some checklists with some additional process or policy documents, presentations or training sessions. You might need a booklet that the new hire can keep to remind them of key things over the first few months. Larger companies may have a full program with internal and external training classes, and time spent in various departments. Your process may evolve towards this as your company grows.

What your induction program looks like will depend very much on your company. Having a process documented to ensure all new hires get the same experience, and that it’s a positive experience, will get them embedded quickly – and that’s what is important.

Modular Induction Program

You may have a core induction program for everyone and use optional or additional parts depending on what the new hire needs. You might need to give different levels of information to a school-leaver or graduate compared with an experienced worker. Think about what a person needs to know if they’re starting a technical job versus a non-technical job. Be aware if this is some-one’s first ever job – you may need to provide extra support and guidance. Make sure you share any health and safety information early.

Try and structure your induction program in such a way that it makes sense to a new hire. Make it as straightforward as possible. Make sure that over the initial days, weeks and months you present information at the right level and at the right time. New hires have a lot to take in, so be careful you don’t overload them. Leave as much written information with the new hire on how to do things as possible so they can find it when they actually need to use it.

You should give all new hires an employment contract and provide all required information for PAYE. The Government’s “New Starters Details Form” can be used to collect all the necessary PAYE information.

First Day

On their first day make sure you meet with them and give them an insight into the structure and culture of the company.

  • Tell them the behaviours and standards you expect from them.
  • Show them the Organisational chart, and explain who does what.
  • Share the company vision statement, objectives, goals, etc.
  • Explain the company appraisal process.
  • Run through the employment terms and conditions, e.g. hours of work, holidays, sick pay policy, salary, benefits, etc.
  • Explain how their job aligns with and contributes to the goals and objectives of the company.
  • First Week

    At the end of their first week, check and see how they are settling in. Ask for feedback on how they are feeling and check they feel they have the right amount of support.

    First Month

    By the end of the first month, you should have drafted some goals to give them clear direction and focus. Ask for feedback from the people who have been working with the new hire and use it to assess their progress. If you have any concerns regarding their performance or ability, address them at the earliest opportunity. Don’t avoid any issues that you see. Often, new hires simply need greater clarity or reminding of certain key requirements.

    My Question To You

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