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“Establishing your Values, Vision and Culture – the basis of everything your business does”

Interviews with Nikki Faulkner

Interview on Brooklands Radio

Interview on Brooklands Radio

Bridging Gaps: Debra Levitt in conversation with Nikki Faulkner

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What do others say about us?

Nikki is a great role model for small business owners. Sharing some of her many experiences in Business and Team management, allows her to put in to context the ‘real-life’ scenarios rather than just from a text book. Nikki is inspirational, airs positivity and has given some truly top advice and guidance throughout the whole coaching program. I look at where me and my business was 6 months ago – struggling with a lack of management; staff structure and always reliant upon me being in the office all day, every day and not having the time to spend Networking. Now, with Nikki’s coaching program I am able to communicate with my team effectively, provide a positive working environment and continuous support to all my Team allowing me to concentrate on building my business. I would highly recommend the Accelerate to Team Success program which is affordable, invaluable and an asset to any business.

Claire Connelly – Director, Business Additions. Download a case study

My Team Creator Success half day with Nikki was a great session and as a result I feel more focused on my actions. It was really useful to carve out some specific time to focus on my priorities and the structure of this session allowed me to cover a few different items and get the clarity I needed. The quick pace of working worked really well for me.

Amanda Stevenson – Director, Adapt Sustainability Consulting.

We enjoyed the 1-2-1 interactivity and focus of this 1-day Team Success Intensive session in which we looked at recruitment. It helped us understand the importance of job descriptions and how we can write good ones as well as the importance of using good interview questions and then digging deep in interviews to find out what we need to know. We would recommend a session like this to the owners of small and medium businesses because you can learn about recruitment quickly and in detail – a topic not generally taught in courses and which will otherwise have to be learnt slowly through experience – and time for most of us is in very short supply.

Dr Candy Leighton and David Leighton – Directors, Honest Property.

I enjoyed how specific the Team Success Intensive Day session was to our company and the interactive way in which were able to approach our own current recruiting issue, which is the topic we chose to focus on during the session. It was hugely beneficial and I would recommend it to others, particularly anyone looking to recruit and retain the right staff.

Stacey Body – CEO, Chapter Place Associates.

We enjoyed the interaction of this Team Success Intensive session which helped us gain a better understanding of the essential groundwork that any business in its early stages needs to help to establish direction. We now know what we need to do to create a marketing plan, financial plan and operational plan and from them, to set goals.

Dr Candy Leighton and David Leighton – Directors, Honest Property.

I would recommend the Brand Protection Workshop as it provides great ground rules for any business starting out or growing using a team made up of freelancers. It has given me a solid foundation I can build on, in particular being able to define the needs of my business as it grows, using structured models that work over and over again. I loved the way Nikki structured the workshop and how she was able to support me as I adjusted to a different way of thinking about the people I work with in my business.

Mike Dewey – Owner, Insight60.

The SMART Goals workshop was brilliant. I really enjoyed the practical exercises which helped cement the process of making SMART targets and I was able to start a few for my business during the session. I would recommend this session to other business owners because it really helps to think through what should be included in a goal when you discuss it with other people. .

Ema Doherty – Owner, The Hair and Beauty Artist.

Nikki’s Brand Protection workshop is something I’d recommend to small consultancies that employ a range of freelancers, and also to micropreneurs and owners of small businesses who are looking to grow their business. The detailed approach and the hands-on exercises made it a very functional and enjoyable session, and for me, the most important takeaway was the work we did on the importance of the organisational structure in defining business roles, which has had the additional benefit for me of addressing areas where there is greater scope for outsourcing than I’d realised.

Andrew Fairweather – Director, Brand Aspect.

The Team Success Intensive day session with Nikki was clear, specific, interactive, timed well, structured and met the objectives – which was to focus on recruitment. I particularly enjoyed looking at what attributes are most important when hiring, realising how everything going forward will link to the job description, getting a good understanding of what a first and second interview are all about and the excellent session on interview questions. It’s provided clarity on how to start the process.

Gillian Yates – St James’s Place Wealth Management.

Nikki’s Job Description workshop included easy to follow exercises and taught me a process we (I’ve learned I can benefit by getting my team involved) will use when we now review our job descriptions. I would recommend this workshop to business owners looking for tools to help maintain employee standards with the view to building a long-term process. This workshop helped me see how to use job descriptions to be clear and concise about what you expect from staff and how to use them as the starting point for managing performance which will improve efficiency within the workplace.

Claire Connelly – Director, Business Additions.

I would recommend the Brand Protection workshop to individuals and businesses who have not used freelancers before or who have not managed to successfully work with freelancers. Each module was covered in a very clear way and many of the techniques introduced could also be transferred to other parts of a business. Thank you for a very good session.

Karen McKeogh – Director, Business Growth Studio.

I have been running a small business for some years now and am looking to grow it considerably this year… a slightly daunting prospect as I have never really looked at the structure of a successful business. Nikki was so helpful, and she provided me with a template to structure all the pillars of the business with accountability for each area, and in particular we looked at ‘People’ (currently all roles are done by me) allowing me to clearly see what ‘jobs’ I can handle myself and where I need to look at outsourcing and getting help. I now feel equipped to progress in a logical and clear way to realise my business goals for this year.

Fiona Ross – Director, Fiona Ross Hypnotherapy

I’ve seen Nikki present at various business sessions and networking groups and her knowledge on building, developing and managing teams is up there with the best training sessions I’ve encountered. And it’s not just useful for small, medium and larger businesses. Nikki’s also developed the advice she delivers for owner-managed/consultancy style businesses, where the business owner works with a number of strategic alliances or partners. Managing those relationships is as important as working with employees…and Nikki’s guidance has certainly made a very positive difference to the way I’ve developed the working relationships with my panel of approved providers. Highly recommend Nikki’s experience, insight, knowledge and advice.

Steve Manning – Director, Activate Marketing.