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Mulberry Bush Consulting, based in Woking, Surrey, works with the leaders of small businesses who are struggling to build their teams. We can help you build a successful team so you can take your business to the next level. We specialize in helping businesses with 2 to 10 staff get their teams working effectively so the business owner can focus their time and energy on growing the business.

What our clients say

Nikki is a great role model for small business owners. Sharing some of her many experiences in Business and Team management, allows her to put in to context the ‘real-life’ scenarios rather than just from a text book. Nikki is inspirational, airs positivity and has given some truly top advice and guidance throughout the whole coaching program. I look at where me and my business was 6 months ago – struggling with a lack of management; staff structure and always reliant upon me being in the office all day, every day and not having the time to spend Networking. Now, with Nikki’s coaching program I am able to communicate with my team effectively, provide a positive working environment and continuous support to all my Team allowing me to concentrate on building my business. I would highly recommend Accelerate to Team Success program which is affordable, invaluable and an asset to any business.

Claire Connolly – Business Additions

I enjoyed how specific the Team Success Intensive Day session was to our company and the interactive way in which were able to approach our own current recruiting issue, which is the topic we chose to focus on during the session. It was hugely beneficial and I would recommend it to others, particularly anyone looking to recruit and retain the right staff.

Stacey Body – Chapter Place Associates

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What we do

Are you in the situation where you need a team to be able to grow your business further, but you are struggling to build a successful team that will support you growing your business? You are not alone and we can help. Using our exclusive 7-Step System, we will assist you in building an effective team, freeing up time and energy for you to focus on growing your business.

Nikki Faulkner of Mulberry Bush Consulting shares some great insights around building a successful team.

Mulberry Bush Consulting Team Success

Our Team Success program will ensure you become a successful leader who has time and energy available to spend on activities that will grow your business because your team is working effectively to support you. You will:

  • Have an engaged team who want to help you take your company to the next level.
  • Be able to confidently interview candidates to build the right team.
  • Get your new hires to be productive fast by using a consistent induction process.
  • Motivate your team to achieve SMART goals that also ensure company success.
  • Use continual feedback to reduce time and stress spent managing performance.
  • Easily be able to handle any difficult conversation with your team.
  • Use exit interviews to unearth problems that might be damaging your company.
  • Have a team that trusts you and respects your leadership.
Nikki Faulkner, PhD.

I founded Mulberry Bush Consulting in 2015 to share all the People Management experience I have built up since 2001 with managers who want to make their teams, however small, more effective. I have a BA from Cambridge University, and a PhD from Stanford University in the USA.

My passion is to see managers grow. I’ve helped develop and mentor team leaders’ right from day one of my management career, and I love to see managers get satisfaction from getting a team working well together so that the entire team, including its leader, can achieve their goals.
With Mulberry Bush Consulting I’m passionate about helping the leaders of small businesses, who often miss out on the mentoring and training available to those in the corporate world, get access to the information, tools and processes that will help them get their teams working well. Once that is happening they can focus on growing their businesses rather than on managing their people. I have been told more than once that I’m very direct and very efficient. I see that as a benefit to make sure that we (me and my clients) get to what matters and make changes that make a difference. As my strapline says – Mulberry Bush Consulting: Maximizing Business Capability through your PEOPLE.

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Mulberry Bush Consulting
Maximizing Business Capability through your PEOPLE

Our 7-step System

We offer a series of options using our 7-step system.

The Discovery Session is offered face to face over a day.

All other options are delivered:

  • Remotely – wherever you are
  • In ‘bite-sized’ pieces
  • Over several months
  • Build a successful team while you continue to run your business.

Mulberry Bush Consulting - 7 step system infographic
Begin Customisation of Engagement – Set Action Plan

Step 1. Examine your company’s current state & future goals. Set an action plan.

Further Customisation of Engagement

Step 2. Conduct free employee engagement survey to collect data.
Step 3. Launch free exit interview program to collect additional data.

Create Customised Value

Step 4. Learn using bite-sized training videos while you run your business.
Step 5. Apply what you’ve learned immediately through directed assignments.
Step 6. Implement customised tools and processes as you develop them.

Continual Improvement

Step 7. Ensure all implemented processes are working for you.

Mulberry Bush Consulting Insights
Mulberry Bush Consulting
Maximizing Business Capability through your PEOPLE
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